Don't pay a dime until you know what's wrong.

We'll figure out the problem and give you an exact quote before you commit to any repairs.

Virus Removal

We offer the most thorough and complete removal of viruses, trojans, fraudware, rootkits and malware. We will also repair damage to system caused by the viruses and restore normal system operation.

Cracked Screen Replacement

Whether it's a Mac, or PC, we can replace your cracked screen at a very affordable price.

Power Jack Replacement

Over time, DC power jacks can become slightly loose as the solder connections to the motherboard break apart. While difficult to access and repair, we can solder on a new DC jack and get power flowing back into your computer.

Heat-Damaged Circuitry

Heat is the cause of most component failure. Certain computers run especially hot causing damage to sensitive internal components. HPs are notorious for running extremely hot and experiencing motherboard/video chip failure. This will show up as a dead computer, a black screen, even wireless card failure. We can repair these issues for HPs as well as for Dell, Toshiba, Apple or any other computers.


Over time your computer will start to slow down as more and more programs, startup items, and background processes are installed. Optimization includes removing any unnecessary buildup, defragmenting your hard drive, verifying that your computer is virus-free and insuring that your computer is running as fast as possible.

Liquid-Damage Repair

Various liquids ranging from water to coffee can find their way on our computers. With an 80% success rate, computers can be revived even if completely dead. Note: If liquid has spilled onto your computer be sure to immediately remove any power sources including the power adapter and battery. Attempting to turn your computer back on before fully disassembling it and cleaning the internal components can cause permanent damage and is not advised.


The two main reasons for a slow computer are low RAM and a bogged down system in need of optimization. Adding more RAM is at least half the battle and can dramatically increase the performance of even the oldest computers. The following are ideal RAM amounts that allow for normal functioning:

Windows XP: at least 1GB
Windows Vista: at least 2GB
Windows 7 and Windows 8: at least 2GB
Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5: at least 1GB.
Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8: at least 2GB

We can also perform other upgrades such as hard drives, video cards and processors. Another way to get a lot more out of a machine these days is to replace your HDD with a solid state drive (SSD).

Top Free Software Picks

Secunia Personal Software Inspector

VLC Media Player

Handbrake Video Converter

Cyberduck FTP Utility

GIMP Image Editor

doPDF PDF Print Creator (PC Only)

CCleaner Optimizer (PC Only)

Picasa Photo Editor/Organizer

Firefox Web Browser

MSE Anti-virus (PC Only)

AVG-Free Anti-virus (PC Only)

Open Office

Burnaware Free (PC Only)

ImgBurn CD/DVD Burner (PC Only)

MacTheRipper DVD Ripper (Mac Only)